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$12.95 per person Minimum of 10 people

Choice of 2 items - for parties of 10-25

Choice of 3 items - for parties of 26-75

Choice of 4 items - for parties of or more.

Add additional choice for-$3 more per person


SPAM MUSUBI                                    $3.95 ea

Teriyaki glazed spam and furikake rice wrapped in nori.


Edamame, olive oil, spinach, garlic. Served with chips.


Crab salad-surimi crab, broccoli, cauliflower


Sliders                                            $14.99 - 3 pcs

Choose from Kalua Pork, Katsu chicken, spam, or handmade beef patties. Served on a sweet Hawaiian roll with coleslaw and creamy aioli.


Bone-in wings

Choose from, Garlic fried, sriracha sweet, or Hawaiian BBQ. Comes with ranch dipping sauce. Each additional sauce +$0.49

10pieces                                 $11.99

20pieces                                $35.99

40pieces                                $47.99


Sashimi platter $29.99

Serves 4


Poke wraps $4.95 ea

Ahi tuna or salmon Spinach tortilla, mixedgreens, coleslaw, aioli.


Poke shooters/oyster shooters        $4.99 ea

Ahi tuna poke or fresh oysters in wasabi horseradish cocktail sauce.


Shrimp cocktail                              $11.99 – 6 pcs

Poached large shrimp wasabi horseradish cocktail sauce.


Poke & Chips                                    $44.99

Ahi tuna or salmon, Tortilla chips, jalapeno cheese sauce, lomi, lomi, green onions.




All platters include seaweed salad, namasu, edamame, mixed greens, pickled ginger.


Choose from the following flavors: 

  • Classic shoyu – ahi tuna, salmon, or tako, shoyu, sesame oil

  • Sam’s Spicy – ahi tuna or salmon, spicy aioli, tobiko

  • Shrimp ponzu poke-baby shrimp, sliced onion, cucumber, ponzu, soy sauce

  • Tofu poke – fried tofu, gluten-free sweet shoyu, white onions.

  • KimchiTako – tako, kimchi, cucumbers, white onion

  • California poke- Ahi & Salmon, Surimi crab, mayo, avocado


Poke can be purchased by the pound – half pound-$ 8.50 pound-$17.95



  • Shrimp tempura -tempura-fried shrimp

  • Spicy salmon – spicy aioli, tobiko

  • Classic shoyu ahi – shoyu,sesame oil

  • The California – shrimp,crab, avocado




oven roasted, rubbed with Hawaiian salt.


LAU LAU                             MINIMUM OF 10 $69.99

Pork, beef, luau leaf.


SEARED AHI                                               $59.99

Choose from sesame crusted or Togarashi spiced Ahi steak.


MISO COD                                      MARKET PRICE

Miso marinated black cod, oven baked.


ROADSIDE SHRIMP                                     $54.99

Large shrimp cooked in buttery ginger, garlic sauce andgreen onions. Stews & soups


PAPA CHOY’S BEEF STEW                           $39.99

Tender beef brisket, onion, celery, carrots, and potatoes in a rich tomato and beef broth!


CURRY CHOY’S BEEF STEW                         $39.99

Beef brisket, onion, celery, carrots, and potatoes simmered in a spicy curry sauce!


12TH MAN CHILI                                         $40.99

Hawaiian-style chili inspired by the 12th Man (made with 12 ingredients) including – Portuguese sausage, pork belly, ground beef,beans, and green onions!


BEEF BRAISED SHORT RIBS                         $54.99

Red winebraised, carrots, onions



teriyaki glazed beef. pork


KALUA PORK                                              $45.99

Hawaiian-style slow-roasted, shredded pork. With cabbage +$4.99


ROAST PORK AND GRAVY                            $45.99

Slow roasted, pan gravy.


PINEAPPLE BRAISED SPARE RIBS                 $54.99

Sweet and sour and fresh pineapple.


CHILI ROASTED PORK BELLY                        $45.99



SHOYU CHICKEN                                          $45.99

Chicken cooked in a sweet shoyu sauce until tender.


YAKITORI CHICKEN                                      $45.99

Japanese inspired grilled, marinated chicken. Topped with our house-made teriyaki sauce.


GARLIC CHICKEN                                          $45.99

Crisp chicken glazed with our house-made sweet, garlic sauce.


KATSU CHICKEN                                           $45.99

Crisp, panko-breaded chicken, fried until golden brown. Served with our house made katsu sauce.



Tofu poke $34.99

Golden brown, fried tofu flavored with our shoyu sauce and teriyaki sauce. Mixed with lomi-lomi, green onions, and sesame seeds.


MUSHROOM poke $34.99

Roasted with garlic, ginger, tossed with onions, tomato, tamari, sesame oil





Kale, spinach, romaine, beet and carrot curls, cilantro. With our creamy oriental dressing.

- ADD POKE                                  Market PRICE

- ADD CHICKEN                                          $11.99




VEGETABLE TRAY                                     $13.99

Selection of four seasonal vegetables with our creamy oriental dipping sauce.


FRUIT TRAY                                 MARKET PRICE 

Selection of four seasonal fruits.


Kimchi                                                    $24.99

Cabbage and green onions flavored with gochujang.



GARLIC MASHED POTATOES                      $29.99     House-made with roasted garlic, butter, and cream.


FRIED SAIMIN                                           $39.99

Spam, fishcake, green onions.


FRIED RICE                                               $24.99

White rice, scrambled eggs, carrots, peas, and white onions.

- ADD SPAM                                                $4.99

- ADD SHRIMP                                             $4.99

- ADD YAKATORI CHICKEN                           $4.99


STEAMED WHITE RICE                                 $19.99


HAPA RICE                                                 $19.99

Mixture of white and brown steamed rice.


MAC SALAD                                               $24.99

Macaroni, potato, carrots, celery, and boiled eggs.


SEAWEED SALAD                                       $34.99

Japanese seaweed salad. desserts hood famous cheesecakes $7.49 Choose from Ube or White Chocolate Guava


MALASADAS (One dozen minimum)

Cinnamon sugar $1.29/piece

Haupia $1.49/piece




Mango lemonade                                      $11.99

1 liter of our house-made mango lemonade.


Pineapple iced tea                                   $11.99

1 liter of our house-made pineapple iced green tea.


HAWAIIAN SUNS                                           $1.74

Choose from: Guava Nectar, Lilikoi Passion, Luau Punch, Passion Orange, POG, Strawberry Lilikoi.


Coconut water                                         $2.49


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